Advocate Health Recognized as National Leader in Environmental Sustainability

Advocate Health Recognized as National Leader in Environmental Sustainability

Advocate Health, a prominent healthcare system, has been acknowledged as a national frontrunner in environmental sustainability by Practice Greenhealth, a renowned organization dedicated to sustainability in healthcare. The accolade includes the prestigious “System for Change Award,” an honor bestowed upon only nine health systems across the nation this year. Advocate Health’s remarkable 16-year streak of receiving this award stands as the longest in the country, showcasing its steadfast commitment to sustainability at an enterprise level.

Dr. David Callaway, Advocate Health’s chief of crisis operations and sustainability, expressed, “Earning this kind of sector-level award in sustainability requires a deeply embedded commitment at the highest levels of our organization and is a reflection of our commitment to become a net zero health system.”

Additionally, 39 hospitals within the Advocate Health network have been recognized for implementing programs aimed at reducing environmental impact and measuring sustainability performance across various domains, including climate and energy. Notably, 14 hospitals received this recognition for the first time, while 24 hospitals placed within the top 20% of performers nationwide.

Cecilia DeLoach Lynn, Advocate Health’s vice president for sustainability, emphasized the interconnectedness of human and environmental health, stating, “As the third-largest nonprofit health system in the U.S., we are committed to leading by example, integrating sustainability, health equity, and resilience into organizational decision-making at every level of the enterprise.”

Recent initiatives undertaken by Advocate Health include reducing the use of impactful inhaled anesthetics, purchasing renewable energy equivalent to powering 665 homes for a year, recycling over 12,000 tons of material, and developing programs to prevent food waste and address food insecurity.

Furthermore, Advocate Health has ensured that the majority of furniture purchased by its sites in Illinois and Wisconsin is free of chemicals exhibiting human health risks, and has significantly reduced the consumption of plastic water bottles at several hospitals.

Practice Greenhealth’s highest honor, the “Top 25 Environmental Excellence Award,” has been conferred upon Advocate Health, recognizing it as a leader in overall sustainability performance within the healthcare industry. These hospitals have demonstrated superior and comprehensive sustainability programs, showcasing sustainability as an integral part of their organizational culture.