Phoebe Hosts Men’s Health Fair on Father’s Day Weekend

Phoebe Hosts Men’s Health Fair on Father’s Day Weekend

Phoebe Health System is gearing up to host its annual men’s health fair, “Shop Talk: No Man Left Behind,” scheduled for Saturday, June 15, in celebration of Father’s Day weekend. This free event, sponsored by Albany State University and supported by Albany Technical College, Esthetics 101, Flint River Fresh, and Morehouse School of Medicine, aims to promote men’s health awareness and well-being.

Held at the Billy C. Black Building on Albany State University’s East Campus from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., the fair offers a range of health screenings available from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. “We believe that ‘Shop Talk: No Man Left Behind’ captures the spirit of camaraderie and support that is essential for promoting men’s health,” said Keisa Mansfield, Community Outreach Manager for the Phoebe Cancer Center.

Mansfield highlighted the event’s significance in providing a platform for open discussions about men’s health issues and encouraging men to take proactive steps toward a healthier lifestyle. The fair presents a unique opportunity for men to prioritize their health while celebrating Father’s Day, emphasizing the importance of candid conversations and community support in ensuring that no man is left behind when it comes to his health.

“We are committed to ensuring that every man in our community has access to the resources and support needed to prioritize his health,” Mansfield reiterated. Through “Shop Talk: No Man Left Behind,” Phoebe aims to create a welcoming environment where men feel comfortable discussing their health concerns and ensuring better health outcomes.

The fair will offer complimentary screenings for prostate health, blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol. Additionally, informative sessions and resources will empower men to make informed decisions about their health, fostering a culture of proactive health management within the community.