State Senator Jones Applauds Boost to Decatur’s Malachi Project

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Senator Emanuel Jones (D–Decatur) has expressed appreciation for the allocation of $50,000 to the Malachi Project in Decatur, Georgia, as part of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2025 Budget. The Malachi Project, renowned for its after-school discipleship program, has garnered acclaim for its positive influence on the youth in the community.

The Malachi Project offers a holistic program designed to nurture children’s growth through various activities, including Bible study, practical life skills, recreational activities, mentorship, and lessons on essential values like integrity, forgiveness, and respect.

“Supporting initiatives such as the Malachi Project is crucial for our community’s advancement and the youth’s future,” stated Sen. Emanuel Jones. “By creating a supportive environment where young individuals can thrive academically, socially, and morally, the Malachi Project is laying the groundwork for a brighter tomorrow for these children. I commend the General Assembly for acknowledging the significance of this nonprofit organization in the FY 2025 Budget, an investment in our children’s future.”

Currently serving 50 students weekly, the Malachi Project aims to broaden its impact through initiatives like Adopt-A-Student, offering individuals the chance to make a monthly commitment to back the program. Contributions will be directed towards providing meals, transportation, school supplies, and more, ensuring sustained support for the community’s youth.

For more information on the Malachi Project, you can read here.

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