Georgia Board of Education Expands Leader In Me Program Across State

The Georgia Board of Education has unanimously approved a $3.4 million funding allocation, directed by the General Assembly, to expand the Leader In Me program to 120 additional schools statewide. This move signals a significant step forward in Georgia’s ongoing commitment to equipping students with vital leadership and life skills.

Since 2023, the General Assembly has collaborated with the Georgia Department of Education (GDOE) to launch a curriculum development pilot program in 11 school districts and 28 schools across Georgia. The Leader in Me initiative focuses on nurturing leadership skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Senator John F. Kennedy (R–Macon) praised the program’s expansion, stating, “I commend Superintendent Woods and members of the Georgia Board of Education for their dedication to student success. Beginning in 2015, I witnessed the tangible impact of this program in Bibb County and was proud to champion an expansion of the pilot program last year. This year, I am thrilled to announce that we have doubled down on our commitment to improve educational outcomes for over 84,000 students with this initial round of funding. This partnership and program exemplify our commitment to fostering a learning environment that is centered around student success.”

State School Superintendent Richard Woods emphasized the importance of integrity and good character in leadership, stating, “I want to thank President Pro Tem Kennedy for his continued focus on providing resources for character education programs that provide our students with these leadership skills, which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.”

The expansion of the Leader in Me program not only signifies a strategic investment in Georgia’s educational future but also underscores the collaborative efforts of state leaders, educators, and community stakeholders in shaping the next generation of leaders.