Woman Arrested for Armed Robbery at Locust Grove Wells Fargo Bank

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Breana Copeland

Breana Copeland was apprehended by authorities on charges of armed robbery at the Wells Fargo bank situated at 2754 Hwy 155 S, Locust Grove GA, 30248, on April 10, 2024.

Following the incident, detectives uncovered evidence indicating Copeland fled the scene in a dark-colored Hyundai Tucson, as captured by external cameras of nearby businesses. The vehicle’s license plate was identified, leading to the identification of Breana L. Copeland as the primary suspect.

Subsequent surveillance of Copeland’s residence proved pivotal, revealing that she was operating her mother’s vehicle rather than her own. Leveraging traffic cameras and collaborating with the Henry County Field Investigations Team (FIT), authorities executed a traffic stop on the Tahoe being driven by Copeland.

On April 17, 2024, Breana Copeland was subjected to interrogation at the Henry County Police Department, during which she admitted to committing the bank robbery.