Georgia Governor Allocates $13.2 Million to Support Crime Victims Amid Federal Funding Cuts

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Atlanta, GA – Governor Brian P. Kemp has directed the Office of Planning and Budget to increase funding for the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s (CJCC) Victim’s Services grant using the remaining $13.2 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds for FY 2024. This decision comes in response to significant federal cuts to the Crime Victims Fund, impacting Victim of Crime Act (VOCA) funds. Despite heightened needs due to increased crime during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal reduction prompted Governor Kemp’s move to ensure vital support continues.

Governor Kemp expressed disappointment in the federal government’s decision, stating, “While the Biden administration has made the unfortunate decision to shortchange victims of violent crime, I’m proud that the state is able to step in, fund this vital program, and provide the support these individuals need.”

The additional $13.2 million brings the total ARPA funding for the Victim’s Services grant to $68,237,210 since its inception. The grant supports non-profit organizations facing economic challenges due to the pandemic. The funds aim to assist over 200 organizations and local governments providing essential services to crime victims across Georgia. These services include crisis line response, emergency shelter, case management, housing assistance, financial aid, counseling, legal support, medical services, victim compensation, children’s services, transportation, employment services, and parenting/educational services.

The move underscores the state’s commitment to supporting crime victims and filling the gap left by federal funding cuts. The funds are expected to make a significant impact on victim service providers, ensuring continuity in life-saving and supportive services for those affected by crime.

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