Intensive Search Underway for Missing Man from Laurens County

Intensive Search Underway for Missing Man from Laurens County
Missing: Garland Sims Warren

UPDATE: The remains of 82-year-old Garland Warren were found Butts County on Friday evening.

Authorities are ramping up efforts to locate Garland Sims Warren, who went missing from Laurens County. The search gained momentum following significant developments involving Warren’s truck.

On June 24, 2024, the Butts County Sheriff’s Office received crucial information from witnesses who had seen Warren’s black pickup truck along Wallace Road on June 15, 2024. The couple, riding 4-wheelers, spotted the vehicle with its rear tires in a ditch and wisely reported their observations, including photos that later confirmed it was indeed Warren’s truck, with his dog visible in one image.

This revelation prompted a comprehensive search operation starting on June 26, 2024. Over 75 searchers, including personnel from Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Butts County Sheriff’s Office, Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, and various other agencies, meticulously combed the area. They thoroughly checked wooded areas, creeks, culverts, ditches, and abandoned structures, leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to find Warren.

Sheriff Darrell Dix emphasized the thoroughness of the search, stating, “Everyone out there yesterday morning wanted to find Mr. Warren and help his family.” Despite exhaustive efforts, Warren remains missing.

In a separate development on June 27, 2024, Butts County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a dog resembling Warren’s near Ga. Hwy. 16 at Windy Lane. The dog has since been taken into care by authorities in Laurens County.

Meanwhile, two individuals associated with the case are in custody at Spalding County Jail.

“Both Peppers and Osborn are still in custody at the Spalding County Jail. We are well aware of the fact that Osborn’s husband was found deceased after being reported missing several years ago, and we have obtained a copy of the report.”, said Sheriff Dix.

Authorities continue to investigate leads and gather evidence, emphasizing the need for factual basis in any further actions.

“I know folks are frustrated, so are we and everyone else searching for Mr. Warren. Everybody wants answers, and for someone to be held accountable. Right now at this particular moment in time, as much as people want us to, there is not enough evidence to charge Osborn and Peppers with anything other than what they have been charged with. Both waived their rights and have been interviewed by Investigators extensively. We have to go where the evidence and facts lead us, not where our emotions and theories want to take us. In the end there is a big difference between believing somebody was involved, saying you know they were involved, and proving they were involved in front of a jury. When you get in that courtroom you only have one chance to get it right or you lose everything.”

The search for Garland Sims Warren continues, with law enforcement urging anyone with information to contact Spalding County Sheriff’s Office, Butts County Sheriff’s Office, Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, or the Spalding County 911 Center at 770-229-9911.

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