Local Heroism: Phoebe’s NICU Saves Lives and Touches Hearts

Local Heroism: Phoebe’s NICU Saves Lives and Touches Hearts
Photo courtesy of Phoebe Health

Becca Miller, who dedicated six years as the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Coordinator at Phoebe, understood the critical role of the hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) better than most. Her perspective shifted dramatically when her twins, Mary Jones and Wiley, arrived prematurely at 33 weeks, each facing their own medical challenges.

“Mary Jones’s delivery stalled. When she was finally born, she wasn’t breathing and had suffered a serious brain bleed,” Becca recounted. “The NICU team immediately swept her up and intubated her. Then, the nurse said, ‘it’s time to push for brother.’ It was just an extremely terrifying time.”

“Wiley’s birth was less complicated, but he also had breathing issues and needed NICU care.”

“They were like family,” Becca expressed, reflecting on the emotional rollercoaster of receiving both distressing and encouraging updates on the twins’ progress. Patrick, Becca’s husband, echoed her sentiments, emphasizing the team’s pivotal role in transforming their anxiety into relief and gratitude as Mary Jones and Wiley grew stronger each day.

Looking ahead, Phoebe’s commitment to enhancing NICU capabilities is underscored by plans to expand facilities in the upcoming Phoebe Trauma & Critical Care Tower. The current NICU space will be renovated, quadrupling its capacity to better serve families in Southwest Georgia. The Phoebe Foundation actively seeks community support to offset construction and equipment costs.

“As Mary Jones and Wiley celebrate their first birthdays with good health and developmental milestones, Becca and Patrick remain deeply thankful for the NICU team’s dedication. ‘They went so above and beyond,’ Becca remarked, highlighting the extraordinary care that shaped their family’s journey from uncertainty to joy.”

Those interested in contributing to Phoebe’s NICU expansion can donate at www.supportphoebe.org or by calling 229-312-4483, ensuring more families receive the lifesaving care and support that touched the Millers’ lives profoundly.