Man Charged with Reckless Conduct After Gunfire Erupts in Cordele

Man Charged with Reckless Conduct After Gunfire Erupts in Cordele

Early Sunday morning, on June 09, 2024, Crisp County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a call from the Cordele Police Department to help disperse a large crowd in the 7th Street South area. While on the scene, deputies heard multiple gunshots. A deputy witnessed a man firing a pistol into the air.

Rakim Jackson, a 36-year-old resident of Cordele, Georgia, has been charged with Reckless Conduct and taken into custody without further incident.

Although there were reports of additional gunfire during the arrest, no other arrests have been made yet. Deputies were called to two residences near the incident, where bullet holes and shell casings were discovered.

The investigation remains active, with both the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office and Cordele Police Department working to identify any other individuals involved. Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Crisp County Sheriff’s Office (229-276-2690) or Cordele Police Department (229-276-2921).

Residents are reminded of the dangers of firing guns into the air, as bullets can be as deadly when they fall as when they are directly aimed. The sheriff’s office urges anyone with information to come forward and contact them or the police department.

Deputies also discovered bullet holes and shell casings at two nearby residences. Authorities encourage citizens to report any suspicious activity or crimes to their tip hotline or by calling 9-1-1, with the option to remain anonymous.

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