Heroic Muscogee County Deputies Save Woman’s Life

Heroic Muscogee County Deputies Save Woman’s Life

Muscogee County Sheriff Greg Countryman commended the heroic actions of Sergeant Suli Sene, Corporal Chad Bohannon, and Deputy Jeremy Gilmer from the Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office. On June 5, 2024, the three officers were on duty on River Road in Columbus, GA, when they were approached by a man seeking help for an injured person.

Upon reaching a residence on Apex Drive, they found a woman with a severely cut arm bleeding profusely. Despite efforts by two others to stop the bleeding, it persisted. The deputies immediately called for emergency medical services (EMS) and provided initial aid. They applied a tourniquet to the wound, successfully stopping the bleeding just in time.

The woman was then transported to Piedmont Hospital by EMS. Sheriff Countryman emphasized the severity of the situation, stating that the woman would likely have bled to death if not for the timely intervention of the deputies. He praised their selfless actions, highlighting their courage and dedication to saving lives, even at the risk of their own safety.

The sheriff expressed immense pride in the deputies for their bravery, emphasizing that their swift response prevented a potentially fatal outcome.

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