One Adult, Three Children Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide

One Adult, Three Children Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide

Gwinnett Police responded to a distressing scene early Wednesday morning at Lucky Shoals Park in Tucker. Around 1:00 am, an officer on patrol discovered a suspicious vehicle parked along a pedestrian trail at the park’s location on 4651 Britt Road. Despite attempts to communicate with those inside, there was no response. Upon closer inspection, the officer found the bodies of four individuals within the vehicle.

The driver, identified as an adult male, was accompanied by three children, all seemingly of elementary and middle school age, with two girls and one boy among them.

Authorities are treating the incident as a potential murder-suicide, pending confirmation from the Medical Examiner’s Office. Detectives from the Homicide Unit and Crime Scene Unit are diligently processing the scene for further investigation.

To respect the privacy of the deceased and their families, their identities are being withheld until proper next-of-kin notifications are made.

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