Cobb County Introduces Youthful Offender Program Led by Solicitor General Metzge

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Makia Metzger

Cobb County Solicitor General Makia Metzger has initiated a new program aimed at diverting youthful offenders away from the traditional criminal justice system. Launched in March 2024, the program targets individuals aged 17 to 25 facing non-violent misdemeanor charges.

Citing research indicating that the frontal lobes of individuals in this age group are still developing, leading to impulsive decision-making and poor judgment, Solicitor General Makia Metzger highlighted the importance of addressing the underlying issues behind nonviolent offenses. “When young people commit nonviolent offenses, they aren’t thinking that the impulsive decisions they make today will adversely affect them tomorrow,” Metzger stated.

The program aims to provide alternative pathways for success, particularly in addressing challenges unique to the 21st century. Metzger expressed her desire to innovate in tackling community issues, emphasizing the need for approaches that reduce recidivism and prevent future crimes.

In addition to her efforts in criminal justice reform, Solicitor General Metzger is recognized for her advocacy for victim rights and support for mental health programs. She is committed to implementing more proactive approaches to mental health disorders, aiming to help individuals lead healthier, more productive lives in Cobb County.

Metzger’s tenure as Cobb County Solicitor General marks a historic milestone, as she became the first African American and female to hold the position in the county’s history.