Former Clayton County Sheriff Launches Political Attack, Current Sheriff Responds

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Sheriff Levon Allen

In a recent turn of events, former Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill has stirred controversy by launching a political attack against current Sheriff Levon Allen. The dispute unfolded on social media, with Hill questioning Allen’s integrity and intentions.

Sheriff Allen, in response, expressed disappointment in Hill’s actions, highlighting that while Hill is welcomed back from prison, his actions seem motivated by a love for power rather than serving the community honorably.

Allen disclosed that Hill had attempted to influence his decisions from prison, seeking control over the sheriff’s office. However, Allen refused to be swayed, leading to Hill’s public criticism.

The current sheriff emphasized a fundamental disagreement in leadership approaches, with Allen advocating for collaboration and unity within the community, while Hill’s tactics seemed rooted in personal vendettas and power struggles.

Despite acknowledging mentorship from Hill in the past, Allen remains committed to his principles and values, prioritizing the best interests of Clayton County over personal agendas.

Acknowledging challenges such as staffing shortages and increased inmate populations, Allen assured the community of his dedication to leading with integrity, transparency, and a vision for positive change.

As the community navigates through these turbulent times, Sheriff Allen urges unity and progress, calling for a new direction that holds a bright future for Clayton County.

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