Bibb County Jail Receives Accreditation for Healthcare Standards

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The Bibb County Jail has received notification from the Georgia Medical Association granting accreditation for its healthcare services from December 2023 to December 2024. This accreditation, based on nationally recognized standards, signifies a constitutionally acceptable level of care within correctional facilities.

The achievement comes as a result of collaborative efforts between the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division, Correct Health (the jail’s medical service provider), and River Edge Behavioral Health (the mental health provider). Out of the 159 counties in Georgia, only eight county jails have received this accreditation, with Correct Health serving four of them.

Preparation for the accreditation involves extensive efforts, including staff training, maintenance of facilities, and adherence to healthcare standards set by the Medical Association of Georgia. A team of surveyors conducted thorough inspections and audits of health records at the Bibb County Jail in August 2014. Their findings were submitted to the Medical Association of Georgia’s Corrections Committee, which ultimately approves or denies accreditation applications.

Sheriff David Davis expressed pride in achieving this accreditation, emphasizing the dedication of medical staff and deputies to ensuring the highest standards of inmate medical care. Accreditation not only validates the provision of appropriate care meeting constitutional requirements but also signifies efficient and cost-effective healthcare management. Moreover, it serves to protect the health of detainees, staff, and the broader community by ensuring adequate and appropriate healthcare services.

The annual accreditation reaffirms the commitment of the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Division to maintaining excellence in healthcare standards for incarcerated individuals.

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