Sisterly Bacon Dispute Leads to Arrest and Property Damage in Jones County, Georgia

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Gabriell Walker

Jones County Sheriff’s Office responded to a distress call on Jasmine Drive where a domestic dispute unfolded between siblings. Upon arrival, the Deputy found a scene of chaos within the household.

19-year-old Gabriell Walker was arrested for assaulting her 10-year-old sister following an argument over bacon. The altercation resulted in physical violence and extensive property damage inside the residence located in Macon.

Walker’s frustration escalated when her younger sister consumed the last remaining portions of bacon prepared by their grandmother. This led to a confrontation during which Walker admitted to slapping her sibling.

Inside the house, the Deputy discovered a state of disarray, with mirrors torn off walls, furniture overturned, and dishes strewn across the floor. Additionally, personal belongings such as beads and hair products were damaged and scattered.

Concerns about Walker’s behavior were raised by their grandmother, who attempted to intervene and protect the younger child by confining Walker to a closet. There were suspicions about Walker possessing a firearm, prompting a search of the premises.

The victim recounted the altercation, confirming that her older sister struck her on the face during the dispute over food.

Walker was subsequently transported to the Jones County Detention Center, where she faces charges including first-degree child cruelty and criminal trespass.

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