HIV-Infected Serial Sexual Assaulter Arrested in Texas With Connections to Atlanta, Raises Concerns of More Victims

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Carlton Tamboage (courtesy of Carrollton PD)

According to KDFW, Carlton Tamboage, a 25-year-old Texas man, has been arrested for allegedly assaulting an individual who required treatment at a Carrollton, Texas hospital on February 11. The victim was later determined to be suffering from HIV.

The incident, which is being investigated as a possible sexual assault, occurred in Carrollton, Texas. Following Tamboage’s arrest, law enforcement discovered evidence suggesting he may have assaulted at least five more individuals. Authorities suspect there could be additional victims in the DFW Metroplex, Atlanta, Georgia, and Houston, who have not yet come forward.

Amy Jones, CEO of the Dallas area Rape Crisis Center, commented on the collaboration between law enforcement agencies, stating, “I’m grateful we’re living in a time where law enforcement collaborates in this way, and has the evidence and the technology to be able to recognize this individual is a Serial predator.” Jones emphasized the prevalence of unreported sexual assaults, noting that while some survivors choose to report to the police, many others do not.

It is unclear whether Tamboage was aware of his HIV-positive status. However, there is concern that he may have transmitted the virus to his alleged victims.

Detectives are actively seeking to contact additional victims as part of their ongoing investigation. However, reaching out to potential victims may prove challenging, as many individuals may be hesitant to come forward due to fear or other concerns.

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