Duluth Witch Doctor Sentenced to Life in Prison for Rape and Assault in Gwinnett County

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Hassan Shlgheen

45-year-old Hassan Shalgheen has been sentenced to life in prison in Gwinnett County after being found guilty of rape, false imprisonment, theft by deception, battery, and sexual battery. The Duluth Police Department conducted the investigation.

Shalgheen, who describes himself as a “witch doctor,” was convicted of raping and sexually assaulting a woman during what was purported to be a “ritual.”

The victim, who met Shalgheen on February 5, 2023, at his apartment in Berkley Landing on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, intended to undergo a “healing ritual to remove evil spirits.” She arranged the appointment through social media and paid a $200 deposit, with more payments expected over 30 days.

Upon arriving at the apartment, the victim noticed a handgun on the table. Despite her reluctance to undress, she complied out of fear upon seeing the weapon. Shalgheen then allegedly forced her to have sex with him twice after providing her with a white nightgown.

Following the assault, Shalgheen demanded an additional $300 from the victim before allowing her to leave.

Following Shalgheen’s arrest, four other women came forward to report similar experiences to Duluth investigators. Two of these women testified during his late February trial.