Neighbor Dispute in Bonaire Leads to Arrest of Woman for Throwing Dog Feces Over Fence

Neighbor Dispute in Bonaire Leads to Arrest of Woman for Throwing Dog Feces Over Fence
Glynda Mitchum McKee

A neighbor dispute on Tuesday morning in Bonaire, GA, led to the arrest of Glynda Mitchum McKee following allegations of a fireworks incident.

According to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, at approximately 8:01 am, a deputy was dispatched to the 100 block of Brandonshire in response to the dispute.

McKee reported to authorities that her neighbor had fired two fireworks at her while she was in her backyard with her dog. Describing the incident, McKee stated that her neighbor began yelling at her before shooting the fireworks, described as white round cylinders, in her direction.

However, upon investigation, the neighbor denied the accusations, stating he did not shoot any fireworks and requested to speak with a supervisor. Corporal Stewart arrived on the scene to assist with the situation.

A witness, whose identity was noted as Witness #1, claimed not to have heard any fireworks that morning. When questioned about McKee’s allegations, the witness suggested that the dispute might stem from a deteriorating fence that borders their backyards. The witness explained that McKee had previously requested the fence be replaced, but due to circumstances, it hadn’t been possible. Additionally, the witness reported instances of McKee damaging the fence and disposing of dog feces over it.

The deputy found a plastic Walmart bag containing dog feces next to the fence.

Upon further investigation, no evidence of fireworks was found in McKee’s yard. However, it was discovered that McKee had a misdemeanor warrant out of Houston County. As a result, McKee was arrested on charges of unlawful conduct during a 911 call – false report and the misdemeanor warrant.

McKee was subsequently transported to the Houston County Detention Center by the deputy for processing and further legal proceedings.