Altercation with Bat and Knife Leads to Arrest in Bonaire

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On the evening of February 8, 2024, the Houston County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division received a dispatch regarding an assault in the 100 block of Robin Drive, Bonaire, Georgia. Responding to the call, Deputies approached the scene with caution, as there were reports of a physical altercation involving potential weapons.

Upon arrival, they encountered three males and one female in the front yard, all of whom were detained. The victim recounted the incident, stating that as he was walking down his driveway, Arnaldo Ronda-Rivera approached him with a baseball bat, threatening eviction. The victim defended himself with a knife as Ronda-Rivera swung the bat.

Witnesses corroborated the victim’s account, stating they heard yelling and observed Ronda-Rivera wielding the bat aggressively. One of the witnesses, who was inside the residence at the time, attempted to intervene to calm the situation.

Ronda-Rivera claimed he was at the residence to collect belongings left by someone who had previously lived there. He asserted that the victim became hostile and pulled out a knife first. Ronda-Rivera admitted to knocking the victim’s phone away but denied initiating physical violence.

After assessing the situation, law enforcement arrested Arnaldo on a charge of aggravated assault. Despite sustaining injuries, he refused medical treatment. The Houston County Sheriff’s Office indicated that further investigation will be conducted, and a warrant may be sought.