Keisha Sean Waites Resigns from Atlanta City Council, Cites Pursuit of Higher Office

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Keisha Sean Waites

Atlanta City Council member Keisha Sean Waites announced her resignation from the Post 3 At-Large seat during today’s Council meeting, citing Georgia state law constraints requiring her departure to pursue higher office.

In a heartfelt statement, Waites expressed gratitude for her time in office and excitement for the future. She highlighted accomplishments such as establishing a Public Safety Taskforce, enacting Miriam’s Law for neighborhood safety, implementing public safety measures like a citywide curfew, and advocating for enhanced security at gas stations.

Waites also mentioned her support for civic engagement through initiatives like the Public Safety Annex referendum vote, launching the Keep Atlanta Beautiful Campaign, and enacting Erica’s Law to strengthen penalties for dangerous driving.

Additionally, she noted the hosting of the inaugural Thanksgiving Day dinner at City Hall in 2023 as a symbol of commitment to community unity and gratitude. Waites expressed optimism for Atlanta’s future and thanked her family and colleagues for their support.