Georgia Senate Passes Development Impact Fee Act for Education Funding

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Last week, the Georgia State Senate gave its approval to Senate Bill 208 and Senate Resolution 189, two initiatives championed by Georgia Senate Transportation Chairman and Chief Deputy Whip Sen. Greg Dolezal (R-Cumming). SB 208 aims to implement development impact fees for education in rapidly growing counties like Forsyth, while SR 189 seeks to put a ballot measure on the November ballot, giving voters the chance to amend the Constitution and grant local boards of education the authority to impose, collect, and utilize these fees to support the construction of additional educational facilities.

Sen. Dolezal expressed his satisfaction with the passage of these bills, stating, “I am pleased to announce the passage of both SB 208 and SR 189 through the Senate last week, vital measures that will positively impact our state’s education for generations to come.” He highlighted the importance of addressing the concerns of his Forsyth constituents regarding developer impact fees for schools and emphasized the necessity of alleviating strain on infrastructure and essential services like schools amidst continued growth and development.

He remarked, “Enabling the implementation of development impact fees for education and related services will help offset the additional costs associated with maintaining these vital services, require development to pay their fair share of infrastructure expansion and keep taxes low for homeowners.”

With the Senate’s approval secured, SB 208 and SR 189 will now move on to the Georgia House of Representatives for further consideration. Sen. Dolezal expressed optimism about the prospects, noting, “Rep. Todd Jones (R-South Forsyth) and I have both introduced these measures before, but I am excited for Rep. Jones to work with our local delegation to get this across the finish line in the House.”

Read the full text of SB 208 here and SR 189 here.