Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Investigates Theft of Black Ford Mustang Involved in Accident

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2014 Black Ford Mustang

On Thursday, Feb 22, 2024, Bartow County Uniform Patrol responded to a report of theft at 1810 Euharlee Rd. The victim informed authorities that his 2014 Black Ford Mustang, which had been involved in an accident in January 2023, had been taken.

According to the victim, the car, though damaged, was still operational, but was in the process of being claimed by his insurance company. To facilitate the process, he had moved the vehicle to the aforementioned location as the towing company was unable to retrieve it from his friend’s house.

The victim stated that he was notified by the towing company on Feb 20, 2024, that the vehicle was not present in the church parking lot where it had been placed. Despite efforts by both the victim and local towing companies, the car could not be located. Additionally, attempts to reach out to the church were unsuccessful.

The Bartow County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is urging anyone with information regarding the theft to come forward. They can be reached at 770-382-5050 ext. 6088.