Athens-Clarke County Police to Conduct Vehicle Checkpoints for Safety

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The Athens-Clarke County Police Department (ACCPD) has announced that they will be conducting vehicle checkpoints on March 19, 2024. The purpose of these checkpoints, according to department policy, is to address safety concerns and educate the public.

Sergeant Vincent Schill, a member of the ACCPD Traffic Unit and organizer of the checkpoints, highlighted the necessity of such operations. “In 2023, we saw an 11% increase in Driving Under the Influence arrests,” said Schill. “These checkpoints allow the department to remove unsafe drivers from our streets but also give us a chance to educate the public.”

For safety reasons, the specific location(s) of the checkpoints will not be disclosed beforehand. However, after the operation, a media release and social media post will provide details of the activity. Additionally, officers will distribute educational flyers to drivers during the checkpoints. These flyers will contain local statistics and explain the purpose behind ACCPD’s vehicle checkpoint initiative.