Bibb County Sheriff Advocates for 6% Salary Increase to Keep Deputies Competitive

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Bibb County Sheriff David Davis

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis is advocating for a 6% salary increase for deputies in the upcoming fiscal year budget, aiming to keep their pay competitive with neighboring law enforcement agencies. In a letter addressed to Mayor Lester Miller and Macon-Bibb County Commissioners, Sheriff Davis emphasized the importance of attracting and retaining talented professionals within the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO).

Highlighting the challenges of retaining deputies amid competition from agencies offering higher pay and lighter workloads, Sheriff Davis stressed the need for parity with law enforcement salaries in the Middle Georgia region. He pointed out that neighboring agencies such as the Warner Robins Police Department and Houston County Sheriff’s Office offer higher starting salaries for deputies, making it crucial for BCSO to remain competitive.

Sheriff Davis also expressed concerns about the effectiveness of the longevity dividend program, stating that while it incentivizes experienced personnel to stay, it lacks inducements for new recruits and those with less than ten years of service. He highlighted the disparity between BCSO’s starting salaries for both certified and non-certified deputies compared to other departments in the region.

This initiative builds upon Sheriff Davis’s previous efforts to advocate for competitive salaries within the BCSO. Since 2019, he has been lobbying the Macon-Bibb County Commission for salary increases, which ultimately took effect in 2021 following a scale study costing $100,000. Since then, Sheriff Davis has remained committed to fighting for higher pay and improved benefits for law enforcement professionals, implementing raises for deputies, civilians, and ranked personnel in subsequent years.