Emory Hillandale Hospital Unveils $11 Million Renovations, Expansion, and Violence Prevention Program Supported by DeKalb County Investmen

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Emory Hillandale Hospital has unveiled $11 million in improvements to its Stonecrest facility, thanks to an investment from DeKalb County officials.
On Dec. 7, Emory Healthcare and Emory Hillandale Hospital leaders, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, other county and Stonecrest city officials gathered to celebrate the expansion and renovation of the hospital. The $11 million in improvements will ensure access to all who need care in the community, following the Fall 2022 closure of Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center that left many patients displaced.

In a gathering attended by Emory Healthcare and Emory Hillandale Hospital leaders, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond, and other county and Stonecrest city officials, the improvements were marked as a significant milestone for the healthcare facility. The $11 million initiative is expected to accommodate the needs of patients affected by the closure of Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center.

To address the anticipated increase in healthcare demand in South DeKalb, CEO Thurmond secured $12 million in critical funding in October 2022. The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved the funding to support the expansion and renovation of Emory Hillandale Hospital. Additionally, $1 million was allocated to launch a violence prevention program, recognizing violence as a healthcare issue.

Jen Schuck, CEO of Emory Hillandale Hospital, expressed gratitude for the investment from DeKalb County, stating, “This funding has enabled us to provide care to more members of the community, with greater efficiency and a continued focus on increasing patient satisfaction and better health outcomes overall.”

The improvements at Emory Hillandale Hospital include:

  1. Expansion of the emergency department with three new treatment rooms for enhanced patient flow.
  2. Replacement of critical imaging equipment, including a new CT scanner and X-ray machine in the emergency department.
  3. Renovation of the intensive care unit (ICU) with 15 new and improved rooms for the care of critically ill patients.
  4. Launch of a hospital-based violence prevention program in 2024.

CEO Thurmond commended the hospital’s contribution to the community, stating, “Emory Hillandale Hospital makes a difference every day in our community because of the committed and dedicated employees at the hospital who are improving the lives of our citizens.”

Looking ahead, Emory Hillandale Hospital plans to launch its Violence Prevention Program in 2024, offering programs for prevention, intervention, and healing. DeKalb County has pledged an additional $1 million for the second year of the program.

CEO Schuck emphasized the commitment to high-quality, compassionate care, saying, “While we hope our community members stay well, if they must visit us, we are confident they can expect to continue receiving high-quality, compassionate care at Emory Hillandale.”