Blue Bird Corporation Announces Major Safety Upgrades for School Buses

Blue Bird Corporation Announces Major Safety Upgrades for School Buses
Photo courtesy of IMMI

Blue Bird Corporation (Nasdaq: BLBD), a leader in electric and low-emission school buses, has unveiled its most extensive safety enhancements ever for its school buses. These upgrades aim to protect school children, bus drivers, and other road users with advanced safety systems.

With approximately 480,000 school buses in operation across the United States and over 25 million children commuting on them daily, school buses constitute the largest mass transit system in the country, covering nearly six billion miles annually.

Beginning fall 2024, Blue Bird will equip new school buses with industry-first safety features. Notably, all new buses will come standard with three-point seat belts for student passengers, a first in student transportation history. Additionally, Blue Bird introduces “4Front,” an air bag deployed from the steering wheel, designed to protect bus drivers in case of accidents. These innovations were developed in collaboration with IMMI, a global leader in advanced safety systems.

Further enhancements include high-intensity LED lighting inside and outside the bus, high-resolution cameras for improved visibility, lighted stop arms and signs, and strobe lights. The buses will also feature collision mitigation systems, in addition to the electronic stability control already standard.

Britton Smith, president of Blue Bird Corporation, emphasized, “For nearly a century, our children’s safety has been our priority. Today, we set a new standard in student transportation safety with these comprehensive upgrades.”

Larry Gray, CEO of IMMI, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We applaud Blue Bird for their leadership in making seat belts standard equipment and enhancing driver protection. These measures are crucial for safeguarding our nation’s children and future.”

Blue Bird Corporation, headquartered in Georgia and employing approximately 2,000 team members, is the sole U.S.-owned and operated school bus manufacturer.

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