MARTA Approves $1.6 Billion Budget for Fiscal Year 2025

MARTA Approves .6 Billion Budget for Fiscal Year 2025

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) Board of Directors recently voted to adopt the Authority’s Fiscal Year 2025 Operating and Capital Budgets, totaling $1.6 billion. This budget includes $654.5 million for net operating funds and $909.2 million for capital programming.

MARTA celebrates its thirteenth consecutive year of balanced budgets without a fare increase, alongside maintaining two AAA bond ratings, highlighting its fiscal responsibility. The budget emphasizes customer service enhancements and system improvements, prioritizing projects crucial for customer safety, the introduction of new railcars and buses, station rehabilitation, new fare collection equipment, and technological upgrades.

“Our budget reflects our commitment to maintaining our current system while building for the future and increasing ridership,” stated MARTA General Manager and CEO Collie Greenwood. “With significant investments planned, customers will experience multiple improvements and expansions across our system in the coming year.”

Sales tax revenue remains robust and, despite ridership still below pre-COVID levels, has shown recovery during large events. The operating budget accommodates a four percent salary increase for non-represented employees, fulfills collective bargaining agreement obligations, and addresses inflation and supply chain challenges.

MARTA Board Chair Katie Powers emphasized the Board’s commitment to responsible financial stewardship amid industry challenges. “We’re mindful of transit industry challenges but are pleased with MARTA’s comparative resilience due to prudent financial management,” Powers remarked.

Key components of MARTA’s Capital Improvement Program are already progressing, with projects like the MARTA Rapid Summerhill bus rapid transit line nearing completion and the commencement of the Five Points Transformation project slated for July. Significant allocations include $76 million for the Station Rehabilitation Program, $92 million for new railcars arriving later this year, $32 million for new buses, $25 million for the Clayton County Operations and Maintenance Facility, and $20 million for a new fare collection system.

To view MARTA’s FY 2025 Operating and Capital Budgets in detail visit MARTA (