Macon-Bibb Launches MBCAlert App to Enhance Emergency Preparedness

Macon-Bibb Launches MBCAlert App to Enhance Emergency Preparedness

As hurricane season kicks off, Macon-Bibb residents are urged to gear up for potential disasters with the launch of a new mobile application by the Emergency Management Agency (EMA). The MBCAlert App aims to bolster communication and preparedness efforts for both residents and visitors alike.

Designed to provide timely disaster and emergency information, the MBCAlert App supplements existing notification systems such as phone calls, texts, and emails. Spencer Hawkins, EMA Director, emphasized the importance of effective communication in emergency management.

“The development and release of the MBCAlert smartphone app adds another layer of clear and timely messaging to our other communication tools,” stated Hawkins.

Key features of the app include real-time weather updates, monitoring of river and lake levels, and resources for disaster preparedness. Additionally, users can utilize the app to notify friends or family of their whereabouts for safety purposes, particularly when venturing out alone.

Similar to the MBCAlert notification system, the app will send push notifications for weather alerts and emergencies, ensuring that users stay informed and prepared during critical situations.

With the hurricane season underway, the MBCAlert App stands as a vital tool for enhancing community resilience and safeguarding against potential hazards. Residents are encouraged to download the app and stay proactive in their emergency preparedness efforts.

You can download the free MBCAlert App on any smartphone or tablet by going to the app store. Click here to download on Google Play and click here to download on Apple.  

You should also make sure you have your emergency preparedness kits ready and easily available. Watch the video below to see what should go in your kits. 

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