Teen Foster Child Reported Missing in Covington

Teen Foster Child Reported Missing in Covington
Missing: Brianna Osburn

On May 30, 2024, law enforcement received a report of a missing teenager, Brianna Osburn, last seen at approximately 3:30 PM on Lazy Lane Road in Covington, GA.

Brianna, aged 17, was scheduled to be picked up that day for placement in a foster home but was not present when the foster care agent arrived. Described as 5’1″ and weighing 107 lbs, Brianna has a history of cutting and sports tattoos on her arm, left, and right side of her chest.

This is not a new request, but an updated one. Authorities hope that the newly released photos will help locate Brianna.

Anyone with information on Brianna’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at 678-625-1400 or email Investigator Jayme Broce at jbroce@newtonsheriffga.org.

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