Restoration Progress: Historic Athens Sees Renewed Hope for 357 S. Milledge Ave

Restoration Progress: Historic Athens Sees Renewed Hope for 357 S. Milledge Ave
Photo courtesy of Historic Athens

Historic Athens, a non-profit organization, shares exciting news regarding 357 S. Milledge Ave, a prominent site on their 2022 Athens Places in Peril list. The Tudor-style house, known for its iconic multi-panneled windows and half-timber exterior, has long endured neglect. Originally constructed for the daughter of Crawford Long, it later housed the Beta Theta Pi and Sigma Pi chapters at the University of Georgia until 2004. However, in recent years, it has fallen into disrepair, standing boarded up and deteriorating amidst Athens’ historic homes.

Following persistent advocacy and increased community and preservationist attention, the property owner has recently listed the house for sale. This significant action has opened the door for a new steward to step in and preserve this historic treasure. This week, noticeable progress has been observed, with workers undertaking essential improvements such as installing a new roof system and other critical enhancements to protect the home from further damage and ready it for restoration.

There are strong indications that the house is now under contract with a new owner, signaling a promising new chapter for the property. While awaiting official confirmation, the progress witnessed thus far stands as a testament to the effectiveness of community-driven preservation efforts. The renewed activity at 357 S. Milledge Ave brings a sense of hope and anticipation as the community eagerly anticipates the restoration of this historic home to its former glory.

Stay tuned for further updates as Historic Athens continues to support and monitor the rehabilitation of 357 S. Milledge Ave. This development serves as a promising example of the positive impact the Athens Places in Peril initiative can have in safeguarding the historic and architectural heritage of the community.

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