Groundbreaking Ceremony for Forever Young Aquaponics Facility

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Forever Young Aquaponics Facility

The Andrew J. Young Foundation, in partnership with Forever Young Aquaponics and the Clayton County Board of Commissioners, hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the Forever Young Aquaponics facility on Thursday, May 16th. The 70,000 sq ft facility aims to revolutionize local agriculture, providing sustainable, organic leafy greens to nine major cities throughout the Southeast.

Aquaponics, combining aquaculture and hydroponics, uses a self-sustaining ecosystem where fish waste fertilizes plants, which then filter the water for the fish. This method achieves impressive results with minimal environmental impact, producing pesticide and chemical-free, USDA organic produce with no environmental discharge.

The new facility will reduce its carbon footprint by 48% and maximize water efficiency, using 92% less water than traditional farming. Despite advanced technology, the products will remain competitively priced, ensuring accessibility for all consumers. High-density growing techniques and a controlled environment offer a lucrative investment opportunity, with production expected to double after four years.

The groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of a new era in agriculture focused on sustainability, innovation, and community welfare. Speakers included Ambassador Andrew Young, Rawson Haverty of Forever Young Aquaponics, Gaurav Kumar of the Andrew Young Foundation, Clayton County Economic Development Officer Erica Rocker, Clayton County Commissioner Jeffrey Turner, and Clayton County COO Detrick Stanford.

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