Multiple Arrests Made in Henry County Vehicle Break-in Spree

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During the early hours of April 7, 2024, the Henry County Police Department received multiple reports regarding a series of vehicle break-ins in the vicinity of Madrid Circle and Granada Trail in Locust Grove, GA. Both locked and unlocked vehicles fell victim to the spree, with culprits resorting to breaking windows in order to gain access to locked cars. Stolen items included wallets, debit/credit cards, and even a handgun.

Responding to the incidents, Henry County detectives, in collaboration with counterparts from the Morrow Police Department and Peachtree City Police Department, embarked on a joint investigation. Through their combined efforts, potential suspects were identified.

Thanks to the diligence of the Peachtree City Police Department and the effective actions of the Morrow Police Department, three suspects were apprehended on various charges related to similar offenses in their respective jurisdictions.

19-year-old Kyren Dorsey emerged as a key figure in the case. Dorsey, who was wearing an ankle monitor at the time, was found to have been present in the area of Granada Trail and Madrid Circle during the timeframe of the break-ins. Furthermore, he was found in possession of the stolen handgun.

Kyren Dorsey now faces a total of 12 counts of entering auto charges in Henry County, with additional charges pending in other jurisdictions. Currently detained in a neighboring jurisdiction, Dorsey will be transferred to the Henry County Jail following legal proceedings in other areas.

Authorities stress that the investigation remains ongoing, with the possibility of further arrests on the horizon as they continue to piece together the full extent of the criminal activity.

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