Life Sentences For Two Young Men in Cobb County Crime Spree Resulting in Father’s Death

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Elijah Bailey, Miguel Romo, Damion Shropshire and Samuel Mallard

Cobb County District Attorney Flynn D. Broady, Jr. announced that Elijah Bailey, 20, and Miguel Romo, 21, have been found guilty for their roles in a 48-hour crime spree resulting in the death of a father inside his home. The jury convicted Bailey and Romo of murder, home invasion, attempted armed robbery, armed robbery, three counts of aggravated assault, hijacking a motor vehicle, and two counts of possession of firearm charges. Bailey faced additional charges for a separate incident occurring 48 hours earlier.

The crime spree began on January 11, 2020, when Bailey, along with Damion Shropshire and Samuel Mallard, targeted strangers at Hurt Road Park, robbing a young couple at gunpoint. Two days later, Bailey, Shropshire, Mallard, and Romo returned to the park, this time targeting a new father watching a game on his phone. After demanding his belongings, Bailey and Romo fled in the victim’s vehicle while Mallard stole his phone, leaving the man in fear for his family’s safety.

The group then attempted to rob Daquan Murphy, resulting in Murphy being shot through his door and left to bleed out while his girlfriend and 18-month-old daughter were held at gunpoint.

Cobb County Police swiftly initiated an investigation, leading to the arrest of Bailey on January 15, 2020, followed by Shropshire and Mallard the next day. Mallard was killed during his arrest after pulling a gun on officers. Romo was apprehended on January 24, 2020, with four guns, including the murder weapon.

Shropshire pleaded guilty in March 2023 and received a life sentence. Bailey and Romo were convicted following overwhelming evidence presented during their trial, including incriminating text messages. Bailey received a sentence of life plus 130 years, and Romo received life plus 90 years. “Only a monster can point a gun at an 18-month-old baby,” said Judge Julie Adams Jacobs during sentencing.

District Attorney Broady emphasized the community’s intolerance for such violence, stating that the sentences ensure the safety of residents. Senior Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Green led the prosecution, supported by Clay Thompson, while Lee Fudger and Michael Edmunds represented the defendants.

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