Emory President Addresses Campus Concerns, Commits to Safety and Peaceful Expression

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Emory University President Gregory L. Fenves addressed the Emory community in a message on April 29, 2024, acknowledging recent protests and disruptions on campus. Fenves expressed understanding of the community’s concerns and emphasized the importance of supporting peaceful expression while maintaining campus safety.

Fenves provided an update on events from the previous Thursday, clarifying that individuals who constructed an encampment on the Quad were initially believed to be non-community members, though this was later found to be inaccurate. He apologized for the mischaracterization and reiterated that such encampments cannot be permitted at Emory due to potential disruptions.

Expressing dismay at community members being involved in law enforcement activities to remove the encampment, Fenves stated that a thorough review of the events would be conducted to improve campus safety measures, including how Emory engages with external law enforcement agencies.

Fenves affirmed his commitment to supporting peaceful expression while ensuring that disruptions to core university functions such as classes, research, exams, and graduation are minimized.

The Emory community was assured that efforts were being made to maintain campus operations at the highest level possible amidst ongoing challenges.

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