Georgia Governor Announces $6.3 Million Investment in Rural Workforce Housing

Governor Brian P. Kemp has unveiled the latest recipients of grants from the Rural Workforce Housing Initiative, marking the third round of allocations. With a total investment exceeding $6.3 million in infrastructure development, these grants are set to foster the creation of over 123 housing units spread across three distinct communities.

“This latest round of grants will further fortify communities experiencing remarkable economic expansion,” stated Governor Brian Kemp. “The amended budget, inclusive of $50 million for this program, reflects our commitment to ensuring the people of Georgia can reside where they work. I extend my gratitude to the General Assembly for their steadfast support, contributing to our collective efforts to maintain Georgia’s status as the premier state for living, working, and raising families.”

To secure the grants, recipients met stringent criteria set forth by both the grant and OneGeorgia Authority, showcasing robust collaboration between affected communities and real estate developers.

The Rural Workforce Housing Initiative, introduced during the Governor’s 2023 State of the State Address, aims to catalyze the development of critically needed workforce housing statewide. Initially funded with $35.7 million in the Amended Fiscal Year 2023 budget, the initiative received an additional $50 million in the Amended Fiscal Year 2024 budget, underscoring its vital role in addressing housing challenges across Georgia.

“With economic growth extending across every corner of the state, the demand for workforce housing continues to escalate,” remarked Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Christopher Nunn. “The OneGeorgia Authority is proud to support local communities actively pursuing strategic workforce housing solutions.”

Applicants for the grants demonstrated a commitment to increasing access to affordable housing for workers by leveraging various funding sources. All fund utilization is subject to state laws, regulations, and the policies of the OneGeorgia Authority and the Department of Community Affairs. Recipients must utilize OneGeorgia funds within the specified timeframe, typically two years from the date of the award.

The grants have been awarded as follows:

  • City of Louisville: $2,210,000 to facilitate water, sewer, street, and drainage improvements for the Chestnut Subdivision, enabling the construction of 46 new homes and townhomes in two phases, spearheaded by local development partner Molly’s Food and Fuel, Louisville, LLC.
  • City of Lyons: $1,633,672 for essential water, sewer, street, and drainage improvements for the Parker Place Subdivision, paving the way for the construction of 27 homes by local development partner Stockyard Properties, LLC.
  • City of Savannah: $2,500,000 for sewer infrastructure improvements crucial for the completion of the Legacy Development, supporting the construction of 30 single-family homes and 20 townhomes by development partner P3JVG.

Both the City of Lyons and the City of Savannah are contributing to the total project costs alongside their respective development partners.