Senator Commends GDOT and Norfolk Southern Collaboration to Address Train Delays in Henry County

Sen. Brian Strickland (R–McDonough) has praised the joint efforts of the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and Norfolk Southern Corporation in addressing train stoppages in McDonough and Locust Grove, Henry County.

Sen. Strickland expressed his appreciation for the collaboration, stating, “I commend GDOT and Norfolk Southern for hearing the concerns our community raised about trains blocking intersections in McDonough and Locust Grove over the past couple of years.”

The efforts to alleviate the issue began last year with a temporary solution, which involved relocating longer trains to another track. However, the recent announcement introduces a long-term fix with the construction of a new siding. This siding will provide space for trains to pause, allowing traffic to flow smoothly through Henry County.

GDOT’s partnership with Norfolk Southern Corporation includes funding freight rail improvements in Henry County, with Norfolk Southern securing an $8.4 million grant for the McDonough passing track improvement project. This project, part of the Georgia Freight Rail Program, aims to more than double the current rail length on Norfolk Southern’s Atlanta South District passing track, connecting Macon and Atlanta in Henry County.

The initiative is a significant stride toward enhancing the efficiency of the freight rail corridor, connecting the Georgia Port Authority Garden City Terminal and the metro Atlanta area. By expanding the rail length, the project is anticipated to decrease road crossings blocked by trains, thereby enhancing traffic flow and safety in the region.