Lumpkin County Launches Logan’s Law Database for Special Needs Residents

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The Lumpkin County Sheriff’s Office has teamed up with the Georgia Emergency Communications Authority (GECA) to introduce the Logan’s Law database, aimed at assisting residents with special needs in times of emergencies.

Sheriff Stacy M. Jarrard emphasized the importance of the initiative, highlighting its potential to enhance safety for vulnerable members of the community. The database will enable 911 operators to quickly and effectively inform first responders about individuals in a household who may have special needs.

“In an emergency situation, ensuring the safety of all residents is paramount,” stated Sheriff Jarrard. “We urge all Lumpkin County residents to take advantage of this resource by registering any individuals in their homes who may require special assistance.”

The Logan’s Law database aims to streamline communication between emergency responders and households with special needs individuals, ultimately improving response times and the effectiveness of emergency services in Lumpkin County.