Detention Officer Arrested for Drug Possession and Smuggling Charge in Troup County

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On March 19th, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division made an arrest that shocked the community. Tyler Carson, a Detention Officer within the Sheriff’s Office, found himself on the wrong side of the law. Charged with Possession of Methamphetamine, Crossing the Guard Line with Drugs, and Items Prohibited by an Inmate, Carson’s actions have raised concerns about the integrity of law enforcement.

The arrest came following prior information received by investigators indicating the introduction of contraband into the Sheriff’s Office Work Release Annex Facility by one of their own, Tyler Carson. Allegedly, Carson had been accepting payments from inmates to smuggle prohibited items into the facility during his shifts.

Narcotics Investigators acted swiftly upon receiving this information. They apprehended Carson while he was reportedly smoking Methamphetamine inside his vehicle in the Work Release Annex parking lot. Following his arrest, Carson underwent a thorough search, both personally and of his vehicle, leading to the discovery of further evidence.

Tyler Carson was subsequently booked into the Troup County Jail and now faces the aforementioned charges. Sheriff James Woodruff expressed his deep concern over the incident, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the security and integrity of the county’s correctional facilities.

“The security and integrity of the Troup County Jail and Annex is one of my highest priorities and has been since I took office,” Sheriff Woodruff stated. “Prior to anyone working for this agency, they undergo a detailed pre-employment background check and once they are employed, the consequences of such criminal activity are made clear to them. I want to thank my staff for quickly investigating this matter and arresting Carson.”

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