Badges of Former Troup County Sheriff Donated to Sheriff’s Office

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Donates Badges of E. V. Hilyer

Eldridge Hilyer, who served as Troup County Sheriff from 1937 to 1952, left a lasting legacy that continues to be honored. This week, Sheriff James Woodruff received the badges once worn by Sheriff Hilyer during his tenure.


The heartfelt donation came after Junius Medlin, Sheriff Hilyer’s grandson, stumbled upon the badges while sorting through family belongings in his Florida home earlier this month. Found tucked away in a pouch in his father’s desk, the badges held significant historical value for the family.

Moved by the desire to preserve his grandfather’s legacy, Medlin reached out to the Sheriff’s Office to donate the badges. His intention was to ensure that a piece of Sheriff Hilyer’s impactful 15-year service, spanning pivotal times in the nation’s history, would be cherished and preserved.

With gratitude, Sheriff Woodruff accepted the donation, expressing his honor in receiving such meaningful artifacts. The badges will now find a new home in Sheriff Woodruff’s office, where they will be displayed with pride, serving as a tribute to Sheriff Hilyer’s dedication and service to Troup County.