Macon Woman Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges After Deputies Discover 22 Animals in Deplorable Conditions

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Permillia Kate Gledhill

Following numerous complaints and welfare checks, Bibb County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Macon woman, Permillia Kate Gledhill, also known as Pam Campbell, on February 13, 2024, charging her with animal cruelty. The arrest came after concerns were raised about the living conditions of animals on her property located on Masseyville Road.

The case originated on November 8, 2023, when an individual alerted the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office about several dogs kept in unsanitary kennels outside Campbell’s residence. Upon investigation, officers found a total of 22 animals on the property, 13 outside and nine inside the home.

During the welfare check, deputies observed distressing conditions for the animals. Outside, cages were covered in feces, water was contaminated, and one dog was found unresponsive with its head swarmed by flies. Campbell claimed the dog was old and needed euthanasia, but authorities intervened due to the urgent medical need.

Inside the home, the situation was dire, with urine and feces covering the entirety of the floor. A collapsed ceiling added to the hazardous environment. Despite being placed on a “Stop Order” for incoming animals, Campbell continued to acquire more dogs, leading to further neglect.

The cruelty extended to injured animals as well, with one dog unable to use its back legs, forced to drag itself across the filthy floor. Authorities noted a strong odor of ammonia, causing discomfort upon entering the premises.

Campbell failed to provide adequate paperwork regarding the acquisition and care of the animals, raising concerns about their origin and welfare. The case is currently pending in court as authorities work to address the ongoing neglect and ensure the well-being of the remaining animals.