Inmate Charged in Threats Against Milton Mayor and Georgia Governor

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Following an extensive investigation conducted by Milton Police, an inmate within the Georgia State Prison system has been charged in connection with threats made against Milton’s Mayor, Peyton Jamison, and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Eric Elam, 30, faces two charges of Terroristic Threats and Acts, stemming from a phone call made on December 16, 2023. The call was traced back to a mobile phone inside a Georgia State Prison, later found in Elam’s prison cell.

Authorities have not ruled out the possibility of others being involved in the threats. Another similar threat was made last fall against Mayor Jamison and his family, prompting Milton Police to investigate any potential connections between the two incidents.

Elam, currently serving a life sentence according to the Georgia Department of Corrections website, is believed to have acted on behalf of other individuals or groups. The motive behind these threats remains unknown.

Law enforcement officials are actively pursuing leads to identify and apprehend all individuals responsible. Detectives faced challenges in investigating the anonymous call, including modern technology’s capabilities like spoofing numbers.

Milton Police Chief Jason Griffin commended the Department of Corrections for their assistance in the investigation, stating, “Crimes like this in the cybercrime underworld and ‘dark web’ are typically very hard to investigate.”

Mayor Jamison expressed gratitude towards Milton Police for their diligent efforts in uncovering the source of the threats. He stated, “It’s a great comfort to myself and my family to know that we have the Milton Police protecting and supporting not just us, but our entire city.”