Sen. Nabilah Islam Parkes Celebrates Passage of Bill Safeguarding Officers’ Identities and Cutting Costs

Georgia’s youngest-serving female Senator, Sen. Nabilah Islam Parkes (D—Lawrenceville), achieved a significant milestone this week as her bill, Senate Bill 144 (SB 144), passed through the Georgia General Assembly. SB 144, the first bill under Sen. Islam Parkes’ leadership to pass both legislative chambers, focuses on enhancing the protection of commissioned officers’ identities and reducing unnecessary costs for taxpayers.

The bill aims to remove the requirement for the Adjutant General to include a roster of all commissioned officers in the annual report to the Governor. Sen. Islam Parkes highlighted that this measure aims to safeguard officers and their families from potential targeting by malicious actors. Additionally, SB 144 eliminates the mandate to index, print, bind, and distribute laws and regulations of the militia to all militia forces, citing the availability of online resources as a more cost-effective alternative.

Sen. Islam Parkes expressed her excitement about the bill’s passage, emphasizing its potential to reduce administrative burdens and taxpayer expenses while ensuring the protection of commissioned officers. She remarked, “This meaningful legislation will reduce administrative burdens, save taxpayers and protect our commissioned officers.”

Her involvement with the Senate Committee on Veterans, Military, and Homeland Security provided Sen. Islam Parkes with valuable insights from collaborating closely with members of the Georgia Militia and veterans. She expressed pride in carrying this legislation for the National Guard, stating, “I was proud to carry this valuable legislation for our National Guard.”

Looking forward, Sen. Islam Parkes expressed eagerness to continue working on new legislation to address community needs and drive positive change in Georgia. She emphasized her commitment to serving the state and its residents through legislative initiatives.