Bibb County Sheriff’s Office Offers ‘Consider the Consequences’ Program to Steer Youth Away from Risky Behaviors

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The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office is offering seats for its upcoming “Consider the Consequences” class on March 22nd, aimed at helping parents steer their children away from negative influences. The program, catered to youth aged 10 to 16, offers insights into the repercussions of risky behaviors such as drug use and association with the wrong crowd.

Captain Ellis Sinclair of the Bibb Sheriff’s Office Outreach emphasized the program’s goal to support young individuals in staying in school, graduating, and pursuing successful careers. Parents interested in enrolling their children in this free monthly program can reach out to Captain Sinclair at 478-447-2326 for more information.

The “Consider the Consequences” initiative serves as an early intervention platform, aiming to illustrate the potential consequences of poor choices, including legal trouble and even fatalities. The highlight of the program is an 8-hour jail tour, conducted under strict supervision, allowing participants to gain firsthand insight into the realities of incarceration. Through this experience, youth are shown the potential outcomes of involvement in gangs, drugs, firearms, and defiance.

Contrary to being a “scared straight” program, officials stress that the initiative aims to foster positive behavior and equip participants with the necessary tools to achieve their goals. Additionally, it provides valuable resources for parents seeking support in guiding their children towards healthier lifestyles.