Cobb County Police Bolster K9 Safety Following Tragic Loss

2 min read

Cobb County Police Department (CCPD) has announced significant updates to their protocols and equipment aimed at safeguarding their K9 officers, following the tragic death of K9 “Chase” last year.

In a statement released today, CCPD outlined several new measures they have implemented to enhance the safety of their K9 units. Among these initiatives are the addition of seven new vehicles equipped with the ACE K9 Hot-n-Pop Pro temperature monitoring system. This system, which operates via cellular technology, notifies up to five designated individuals in the event of vehicle failures such as overheating or power loss, including a notification to the 911 Dispatch Center. K9 handlers can also monitor vehicle temperature and power status in real-time through a dedicated phone application.

Furthermore, four additional vehicles are expected to join the fleet by summer 2024, while retrofitting of existing vehicles with the ACE K9 Hot-n-Pop Pro system is underway. Additionally, application-based cameras have been installed in all K9 vehicles, providing handlers with live audio and video feeds accessible via their smartphones.

Updates to the K9 Unit Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) now incorporate vehicle monitoring practices, including regular testing of temperature monitoring systems. The completion of the new JoAnn K. Birrell K9 Annex adds a climate-controlled kennel capable of housing up to eight dogs simultaneously, offering secure accommodations for canine partners during extended handler absences.

Looking ahead, Fleet Management is conducting tests on an alternative temperature monitoring system, GeoTab-based, to serve as a backup to the ACE K9 Hot-n-Pop Pro. Depending on test results, this system may be installed across the entire K9 Unit fleet.

These measures reflect CCPD’s commitment to the safety and well-being of their K9 officers, aiming to prevent future tragedies like the loss of K9 “Chase.”