Troup County Standoff Ends in Tragic Fatality as Suspect Dies from Self-Inflicted Gunshot

Troup County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a distress call on March 7th at 1155 Shoemaker Road at 9:30 PM. The call reported a person with a gun making threats to harm himself and others, including a small child, inside the residence.

Upon arrival, deputies found Russell Heiser, 52, barricaded inside with family members. Efforts to communicate with Heiser ensued to ensure the safety of those inside. Eventually, all occupants, except Heiser, exited the house safely and were escorted to a nearby location by deputies.

Heiser emerged from the house around 11:45 PM, placing a handgun on a porch railing. Dialogue between Heiser and deputies continued until Heiser attempted to retrieve the gun. A deputy deployed a taser, but Heiser managed to reach the gun and point it at the deputies, prompting them to fire multiple rounds.

Heiser fled back into the house, where a gunshot was heard. Deputies entered and found Heiser unresponsive, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Despite efforts by emergency personnel, Heiser was pronounced dead at Well Star West Georgia Medical.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation was informed and responded to the scene as per protocol.