Georgia Passes Legislation to Combat Human Trafficking in Georgia

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In a significant move to tackle human trafficking, Georgia’s Senate recently approved two crucial bills, SB 512 and SR 616, with unanimous support. Sponsored by Sen. Shawn Still (R–Johns Creek), these measures aim to address various aspects of human trafficking and sex crimes in the state.

SB 512 focuses on creating a Human Trafficking Victims Fund, expanding support beyond minors to individuals of all ages who have been victims of human trafficking. Additionally, the bill shifts accountability from minors to the adult perpetrators in cases of misdemeanor sexual solicitation. It also mandates efficient training for employees in Georgia hotels and motels to identify and report signs of human trafficking.

Attached to SB 512 is SR 616, a constitutional amendment that activates the fund proposed in SB 512. This amendment, to be voted on by Georgia citizens in November, aims to ensure victims receive necessary care, rehabilitation, and social services.

Sen. John Albers (R–Roswell), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Safety, praised the passage of these measures, emphasizing their comprehensive approach to combatting human trafficking. Bob Rodgers, President & CEO of Street Grace, an anti-trafficking organization, also lauded the bills for addressing critical needs in Georgia and making it harder for traffickers to operate.

These legislative efforts signify Georgia’s commitment to fighting human trafficking and protecting its citizens, particularly the most vulnerable among them. With bipartisan support and a clear message of unity, Georgia is taking proactive steps to eradicate this heinous crime from its communities.

You can find more information on SB 512 here and more information on SR 616 here. These measures will now be sent to the Georgia House of Representatives for further consideration.

More information on the CJCC can be found here; and more information on Street Grace can be found here.