Georgia State Senate Passes Anti-Swatting Bill, Moves to House for Consideration

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n a significant development today, the Georgia State Senate successfully passed Senate Bill 421, marking a pivotal step towards addressing the issue of unlawful requests for emergency services. Sponsored by Sen. Clint Dixon (R–Gwinnett), Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education and Youth, the bill aims to revise penalties for such offenses, commonly known as “swatting.”

Expressing his satisfaction with the passage of the bill, Sen. Dixon emphasized its importance in combating the menace of swatting. He stated, “I came into the 2024 Legislative Session seeking to pass anti-swatting legislation, and I am very pleased to have accomplished that goal today. The passing of SB 421 is of significant importance, as several Senators, including myself, were the victims of the swatting calls. We are one step closer to holding those who make unlawful requests for emergency services accountable under the full extent of the law. Together, we will not stand for these threats of violence and intimidation.”

With the Senate’s approval secured, the bill will now proceed to the Georgia House of Representatives for further deliberation and consideration.