Wreath Laying Ceremony Honors Rosa Parks on 111th Birthday

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Mayor Lester Miller and the Friends of Rosa Parks Square Board commemorated Rosa Parks’ 111th birthday on Friday, February 2, with a Wreath Laying Ceremony. The event, held at Rosa Parks Square, aimed to honor the civil rights icon’s legacy.

Mayor Lester Miller expressed gratitude for Parks’ contributions, stating, “We’re honored to celebrate what would’ve been Rosa Parks’ 111th birthday. Someone we all know was a trailblazer and stood up for everyone’s rights. It’s important to keep celebrating those who came before us and made a big difference.”

Board Chair Andrea Cooke emphasized the significance of the occasion, highlighting the park as a symbol of the contributions made by those who paved the way for progress. Cooke stated, “This park is a physical representation of the life and legacy of so many who came before us. I’m honored to stand on the shoulders of not just the women who created better pathways for us all, but all of the black people who came before me.”

The ceremony marked the first of its kind organized by the Friends of Rosa Parks Square Board, with plans for future events to continue commemorating Parks’ impact.

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