St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church Honors Reverend Willie L. Finney, Sr. and Reverend Peter R. Binns with Street Dedication Ceremony

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Macon, Georgia – On Friday, December 1, St. Peter Missionary Baptist Church held a special street dedication ceremony to pay tribute to Reverend Willie L. Finney, Sr. and the late Reverend Peter R. Binns. The event took place on a portion of Fort Hill Street, stretching from Shurling Drive to Morrow Avenue, as approved by the Commissioners earlier this month. The dedicated street will now be known as Pastors P. R. Binns – Finney Sr. Way, in honor of Pastor Binns, who founded the church in 1952.

During the ceremony, Pastor Willie L. Finney, Jr. shared heartfelt words about his father, describing him as a giant of a man in heart, character, and community service. The dedication holds special significance for Pastor Finney, Sr., who expressed gratitude for the honor, reflecting on his journey from a little boy in Haddock to becoming a pastor.

Reverend Peter R. Binns, who initiated the establishment of St. Peter Baptist Church in 1952, was remembered for his vision and leadership. Under his guidance, the church grew, and a larger facility was acquired through the collective efforts of the community.

Reverend Willie L. Finney, Sr., born on September 26, 1951, in Haddock, Georgia, has a distinguished background that includes serving in the United States Army, a career with the Macon Fire Department, and later answering the call to ministry. Since becoming pastor of St. Peter Baptist Church in January 1990, Pastor Finney, Sr. has led the congregation with a focus on prayer and faith, resulting in various accomplishments, including the construction of a new church building in 2001.

The dedication ceremony also recognized Pastor Finney’s commitment to community service, as evidenced by the various ministries initiated under his leadership, such as Street, Hospital, Jail, Nursing Home, Broadcast, and Soup Kitchen Ministry. Pastor Finney, Sr. has licensed eight sons in the ministry and one evangelist, emphasizing the importance of putting God first and leading by example.

In conclusion, the street dedication ceremony stands as a testament to the enduring legacies of Reverend Willie L. Finney, Sr. and Reverend Peter R. Binns, highlighting their contributions to the church, community, and the spiritual well-being of those they served.