Central Georgia Man Faces Federal Prison Time for Illegal Firearm Possession

Central Georgia Man Faces Federal Prison Time for Illegal Firearm Possession
Christopher Thomas Ford

Christopher Thomas Ford, a 57-year-old resident with a history of violent crimes, has pleaded guilty to illegally possessing a firearm, marking a potential 15-year federal prison sentence. Ford’s guilty plea was entered before U.S. District Judge Marc Treadwell on July 8, highlighting the severity of his offense and the legal repercussions he now faces.

Ford’s illegal possession of a firearm, despite being a convicted felon, underscores the stringent federal laws barring felons from firearm ownership. According to U.S. Attorney Peter D. Leary, “Convicted felons are prohibited from possessing firearms; our office will seek federal prosecution against people who disregard the law, especially those with violent criminal pasts.”

The arrest warrant executed by Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office deputies on December 20, 2022, targeted Ford for prior charges of terroristic threats. When confronted, Ford threatened deputies with a loaded shotgun, expressing defiance and a willingness to use violence. “I ain’t playing with y’all, I ain’t going back to prison, you can kill me or I’m going to kill y’all,” Ford stated during the encounter.

Subsequent investigations by the FBI, Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI), and local law enforcement revealed Ford’s intent to resist arrest and his acknowledgment of violating firearm possession laws. Ford’s father intervened, disarming him while he slept, preventing potential harm to the community.

“The GBI will continue to leverage our partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies that are working to reduce violent crime,” affirmed GBI Director Chris Hosey. The collaborative efforts under Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) aim to enhance community safety by curbing gun violence and apprehending dangerous offenders like Ford.

Ford’s sentencing is scheduled for October 9, with potential consequences including supervised release and substantial fines, in addition to imprisonment. The case highlights ongoing efforts by law enforcement to enforce firearm laws and protect communities from individuals with violent criminal histories.

For more information on Project Safe Neighborhoods and its impact on reducing violent crime, visit the Department of Justice’s official website.

This article is based on court documents, statements, and official communications from involved law enforcement agencies.

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